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Hannah Berry is Booktrust’s seventh online writer in residence and author of the books Britten and Brulighty and Adamtine. In this video, with Booktrust’s lovely web editor Nikesh, she explains why she prefers graphic novels, why she loves French cartoons and what the hell Adamtine is.

And if that wasn’t enough, Hannah will be doing an event at this year’s Comica Festival on 19th November at 7pm. Taking place at the Free Word Centre in London, Hannah and Paul Gravett will be in conversation with some of the country’s best graphic novelists.

Simone Lia, Sarah McIntyre, Glyn Dillon, Karrie Fransman and the legendary artist Dave McKean will also be in attendance.

  • They will tell you why they love the funny books.
  • You can ask them questions about comics.
  • We can all rejoice in graphic novels.
  • The world can watch as we present to you just why graphic novels are just as good as literary fiction.

Tickets are a mere £6 so click here to buy yours now.

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