Hurrah, we’re on the Costa Book Awards Shortlists!


We here at Cape are THRILLED that we’ve got not one but (count ‘em) TWO graphic works on the Costa Book Awards shortlists: one of the country’s biggest literary prizes. This is the first time that graphic works have ever been shortlisted for the prize!

Bryan and Mary Talbot’s fabulous biography-cum-memoir, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, has been shortlisted in the Biography Award category, while Joff Winterhart’s hilarious and moving Days of the Bagnold Summer has been shortlisted in the Novel Award category.

Dan Franklin is the big daddy here at Cape and the guy who started us off publishing comics, with Raymond Briggs’ heartbreaking, brilliant, [insert any lavish adjective here you please] Ethel & Ernest in 1998. He said, ‘This is a watershed moment, I think,  in the recognition of the graphic novel as a valid literary form, perhaps even more important than when Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan won the Guardian First Book Award.  Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes is a brilliant collaboration between Mary and Bryan Talbot, writer and artist. And while Bryan is one of the most  distinguished veterans on the Cape list, the prodigious Joff Winterhart entered the first pages of Days of the Bagnold Summer for our annual graphic short story competition and we commissioned him to turn it into a book.’

Bravo to that and massive congratulations to Bryan, Mary and Joff!